Speaker Check: Rajiv Srivatsa


A first-generation entrepreneur, Srivatsa never planned to enter the start-up space at first. Born and brought up in Chennai, he studied engineering at IIT Madras. He graduated in 2000 and then immediately started work with Infosys in the same city. After being there for two years as a software engineer, Srivatsa decided to add to his professional credentials with an MBA at IIM Bangalore.

With around 15 years of professional experience on the internet, mobile and supply chain areas along with the right mix of expertise in business, technology, strategy and execution, he is the co-founder and COO of Urban Ladder, the prominent furniture e-tailer. He has spent the last 5 years spearheading the startup towards becoming the number 1 retailer for home decor products in India, focusing his efforts on the technology, strategy and ‘people’ front.

He worked for the last 4 years in the B2C internet space focusing on consumer facing cutting-edge online and mobile products in the Emerging markets including India, Latin America, South East Asia and Middle East. At Yahoo!, Srivatsa worked on social and media products for consumers across the entertainment, education, news, finance, cricket, movies, regional languages areas. His pre-MBA experience of 2 years included hands-on coding, interfacing with client, writing use-cases and developing full-fledged websites

His specialties include Online and mobile products (Media Products; Education; Emerging Markets) – product management, product strategy, business plan, product execution (concept, design, PRD, development, testing), product marketing (GTM), interfacing with cross-functional teams

As an entrepreneur, he felt the need to do something where the problem fundamentally had not been solved yet. He decided to explore the consumer space in India, when home decor seemed an exciting and challenging domain, providing enough room for innovation.