Mr. Abhishek Sanghvi

A revered alumnus of the IIM fraternity, Mr. Abhishek Sanghvi is the co-founder of the Swan Angel Network and also the founder and Vice Chairman of the iLead Group. The primary rationale for Mr. Sanghvi to be in the business of funding and mentoring upstarts stems from his recognition of the difficulty in raising funds in the nascent stages of an entrepreneurial venture.

Mr. Sanghvi started off his career at J.P Morgan, Hong Kong as an investment banker, post which he worked as a manager at Capital One in Virginia, USA. He then worked for Opera Solutions in New York, after which he started his aforementioned ventures. Making use of his experience to pave the way for the leaders of tomorrow was perhaps the most obvious next step in his career, and he did this by means of his angel networks.

A certain level of expertise together with an exceptionally keen eye is essential for seeking out only the best amongst thousands of new ideas and business models. A plethora of startups are founded every year, yet less than 5% of them are actually funded. And that is exactly where VC’s and angel networks come into the picture. Being in this business comes with its own set of challenges, as pointed out by Abhishek Sanghvi.

Supplying this very demand, Sanghvi founded the iLead Group that owns stakes in multiple ventures. Also, Sanghvi’s other venture, Swan Angel Network, has gained prominence rapidly as Central India’s first professionally managed Angel Investment group. The driving force behind such ventures is to identify and give a real shot at success to the potentially impactful ventures. As they say, you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed – this is perhaps what angel investors such as Mr. Sanghvi swear by.