Rajesh Balpande

Co-founder and Director of BigTree Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Rajesh Balpande fondly recollects the inception of the $850 mn giant, BookMyShow: “Our journey started long back in 1999, when three friends got together and we were on a holiday in South Africa and we just thought about this idea when we heard a radio jingle saying you could buy tickets online”. And from then, there was no turning back.

Soon after their “Eureka moment”, the three co-founders quit their jobs and took charge of their new venture. Mr. Balpande took over the Finance department. BookMyShow enjoyed a massive first-mover advantage, being the only one of its kind in the market. It holds 90% market share in the online ticketing business and has built great partnerships over the years.

Mr. Balpande has led the company to major successes right since its birth. In its latest round of investment, Rajesh Balpande’s BigTree Entertainment Pvt Ltd, which owns and operates BookMyShow, raised $100 mn in funding, thereby accelerating its growth substantially.

In the near future, the company plans on taking international expansion seriously. They already have international partners on board, helping them build their base in the international arena.

We welcome Mr. Rajesh Balpande to the i5 Summit 2018, co-sponsored by the Union Bank of India to share his experiences with the student community and our enthusiastic audience at large.