“We (Invento) are often replacing vacuum. Robots bring no more layoffs than washing machines do. Robots can do jobs that we are not doing now: taking care of elders—the alternative is loneliness, pain, and hardships. Playing with children on the ground—the present alternative is TV. Doing security—present alternative is crimes. Doing customer service—present alternative is confusion.”- Mr. Balaji Viswanathan

Ever read R.U.R by Karl Capek and wondered what it would be like to interact with Humanoid robots? Balaji Viswanathan the founder of a robotics company – Invento is making it happen with the goal to be a pioneer in the emerging field of AI enabled hardware.

Top writer on Quora for six consecutive years, Balaji Viswanathan is changing the conversation. With 480,000 followers, he is a contemporary thought leader. He started his career as a software engineer in Microsoft HQ in Seattle. When he quit 4 years later, he was reasonably well-known around the company’s distribution lists.

5 years later he returned to India to attempt revolutionizing education. NalandaU was one of the first MOOC platforms in India back in 2009. The venture bombed, and he pivoted. He then co-founded a fin-tech company – Zingfin that had better successes. Again, a bit too early in the industry, he pivoted to a productivity software – Limitless. Due to visa issues, he could not continue running the company and moved to Black Duck as a Product Manager.

Two years later, he moved back to India with a new venture. With his 2 full-time Masters degrees, an MS from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and an MBA from Babson College, Balaji Viswanathan is coming to the i5 Summit at IIM Indore, 18th-19th August 2018.